Announcements Antalya through the Eyes of Travellers

W. H. Bartlett - Th. Allom Voyage en Syrie et dans l'Asie Mineure, 1840.

“The weather was awful when we arrived in Adalia. We settled in a han and after listening to the sound of the heavy rain coming from the roof of the han and from the cobblestones we went to the best coffeehouse of the town.
Nature's Gift: Antalya Kaleiçi
Strabo states that Attaleia was founded by Attalos II Philadelphos, the king of Pergamon, soon after his accession to power, possibly about 158 B.C. Its location, at the place of a small fishing settlement called Korykos, was around the harbour area.
Kaleiçi lies over the ancient city and covers an area of about 80 hectares. Considering the monumental remains of other ancient cities in Asia Minor, one does not find many here. Apart from the necropolis and part of the agora, many important structures such as a theatre, temples, stadium, and baths cannot even be localized.