Kaleiçi Müzesi - Kaleiçi

Kaleiçi lies over the ancient city and covers an area of about 80 hectares. Considering the monumental remains of other ancient cities in Asia Minor, one does not find many here. Apart from the necropolis and part of the agora, many important structures such as a theatre, temples, stadium, and baths cannot even be localized. Continuous settlement at a site hinders reaching ancient levels as many things disappear in time. Strolling around Kaleiçi, one notices many pieces of antiquity embedded in the walls of buildings or displayed in gardens or by doorways.

The best-preserved remains are the city walls, which possibly retain their Hellenistic texture. The latest parts of the fortifications date to the Ottoman period, and they remained in use until the early twentieth century. Images from the 1880s show not only the clock tower but also seven gates and more than fifty towers. The most striking part of the walls is Hadrian's Gate. Clearly dated after A.D. 129, the gate has three passages with no defensive character. It once had an honorary inscription in gold-plated bronze letters saluting the emperor. The round monumental tomb at the southwest end of the walls, known as the Hıdırlık Tower, reaches a height of 14 m. It dates to the Roman Imperial period, and the fasces in relief that flank its entrance point to an owner of consular rank.

Along the ancient (now modern) street that once ran from Hadrian's Gate to the Hıdırlık Tower are the remains of a five-aisled basilica. It was built in the fifth century employing material from earlier buildings and was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The church was converted to a mosque in the Ottoman period. Another surviving example of Seljuk art is the Yivli Minare (Fluted Minaret) – indeed the symbol of Antalya – which is partly built with glazed bricks*.

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